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Music Ministries

St. Cecilia playing the pipe organ

When In Our Music God is Glorified

4) And did not Jesus sing a psalm that night

When utmost evil strove against the light?

Then let us sing, for whom he won the fight:


Tune: ENGLEBERG 10 10 10 with alleluia; Charles V. Stamford

Text: Fred Pratt Green, ©1972 Hope Publishing Company

Arranged by Joel Raney, Hope Publishing Company

Welcome, and thank you for dropping by our page!

All our weekend Masses and Holy Days are sung Masses.

Our weekend Masses are:

Saturday 4:00pm

Sunday 8:00am

Sunday 10:30am.

Each Mass features a different type of music – so there’s something for everyone.

We always need singers, whether vocalists or Cantors.

We need guitarists; especially someone who can either finger pick or flat pick.

Please call or email me; I’d love to chat with you!

Ms. Jan Bordeleau, Director of Music Ministries  603-203-8164